FAQ Abortion

Are there any risks with an abortion?

Absolutely. Abortion carries the risk of significant complications to include bleeding, infection, and internal organ damage. In extreme cases, even death has occurred from excessive bleeding, infection, and organ damage. Although death is rare, statisically, the later in the pregnancy the higher the death rate.

Are there any long-term risks associated with an abortion?

Although reporting is considered to be incomplete and biased, there are some risks to be aware of. Statistically, women who undergo one or more induced abortions carry a significantly increased risk of delivering prematurely in the future.

In some scientific circles, there is even debate that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer  

Is there an association between abortion and psychological problems?

Women often experience a decrease in long-term emotional and physical health after having an abortion. Many studies suggest that there is a link between abortion and the following psychological impact: clinical depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, PTSD, suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

I don’t have an alternative. Abortion is my only option.

Yes you do. Consider parenting or adoption. We can help you with all the resources you need to start this journey. 

What are the common forms of abortion.?

Mifeprex/Mifepristone (RU-486), Methotrexate, suction abortion, dilation and evacuation, induced abortion, & D&E.

All forms of abortion carry some risk, such as bleeding, infection, damage to organs, and grief periods and even long term psychological impact. We believe in all cases that you should contact a professional before you decide to terminate a pregnancy.

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