Go Life Women’s Services and Mobile Medical

Cherishing the Lives of Women

Go Life is a non-profit organization that offers free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and resources to women with planned or unplanned pregnancies. We provide services in either our offices or on our mobile units, which are staffed with caring client support advocates and certified sonographers.


Pregnancy Services and Resources

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Go Life Women’s Services and Mobile Medical

Our Mission

We are non-profit organization with on-staff certified medical professionals that provide:

Get The Facts Before You Decide And Get Your Free Norman Mobile Ultrasound

You Do Have Options

Unplanned pregnancy is difficult, confusing, and can cause you to be fearful and sometimes angry.

Before you make emotionally charged decisions, get the facts at one of our mobile ultrasound units in Norman and talk to a medical professional who can provide you with real answers and give you hope for the future.

You are not alone.

We have many helpful resources on our website that you can view right here on our resources page.

Get the facts before you decide.

Free Ultrasound

Go Life Tulsa Mobile Ultrasound Clinic Locations

Our mobile ultrasound units are out each week in different Tulsa neighborhoods searching and seeking for individuals that we can help.

Please check our calendar for details on free sonograms or contact us.

Our mission is to assist you with life affirming knowledge about your pregnancy and connect you with resources that can help you.


Common Ground Church

7810 E. 49th St.
Tulsa, OK

Time: 5:30 pm-7:30 pm: June 10th



1150 South Garnett
Tulsa, OK

Time: 5:30 pm -7:30 pm


Springdale Baptist Church

Pine & N. Lewis
Tulsa, OK

Time: 5:30pm -7:30pm