Adoption over abortion

Sometimes, putting your child into an adopting family is the right thing to do and the best option. This is your child. Your choice. Your adoption story. Let us help you write it. Please contact us for resources.

Adoption professionals

We know the resources and agencies with decades of experience supporting and helping expectant parents connect with the right adoptive family. let our staff aid you in this journey. Call for more information on our limited ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and resource network.

Ultrasounds answering pregnancy questions for adoptions provides unparalleled expertise, outreach, and support to make your adoption decisions easier. Let us help you with your ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and give you the proper resources to make the best decisions. No one is an island and we know each person and situation is distinct and unique, requiring understanding and listening. Let us partner with you and give you the resources & contacts that you need. (918) 518-0648 3210 S. Norwood Ave., Suite E Tulsa, Ok. 74135