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What happens developmentally with the pregnancy & when?

All of these landmarks will be marked up against the first missed period. One week later, the baby’s heart starts to beat. Two weeks the baby is developing systems such as: the circulatory, digestive, nervous, reproductive, urinary. Even though the reproductive systems are developed two weeks after the first missed period, the gender is instantly defined when the sperm fuses the egg. Four weeks later, the tissue in the uterus can be microscopically identified as a full 46 chromosome human. Although there are 46 chromosomes at conception, not every cell has received that information at conception. It takes about 4 weeks for these sex cells to build the blueprint that will become your baby. After 2 missed periods, the baby has a 3 part brain and the baby has nearly all of the organs that will develop inside the mother’s uterus.

Are there any complications with abortion?

Unfortunately all medicine & treatments come with risk. Even good ones. But with abortion it is well documented that the procedure comes with short and long term complications.

Immediate Complications include: excessive bleeding, possibly complications, long-term bleeding, puncture or tearing of the womb, infection, cervical laceration, hepatitis, sterility, and infertility.
Long-term Complications can include: guilt & personality shifts, future miscarriages, premature deliveries, tubal pregnancies, and even breast cancer.



Are there different abortion methods?

Yes. Suction aspiration, Dilation and curettage (D&C), RU-496, Methotrexate, Prostaglandin, and Partial Birth abortion, are the most common depending upon the age of the pregnancy.

Do I have rights as a father?

Make sure the woman carrying your child is not making rash, hasty, and ill planned decisions that could effect the current child and potential future child by this woman. Encourage the woman to take at least 48 hours o think through alternatives and to find out the true complications & consequences attached to an abortion. Make certain waivers are not signed excusing medical professionals from claims connected with abortion complications. These waivers are invalid. Stand beside the woman and help make decisions for that future child. Do not be treated like a potential father. You are a father and are in the process of having a child. Help the mother and create a place of safety and increase your knowledge about abortion, family, children, and become more stable in your daily life. Create for yourself an opportunity to be a father that has the resources, mental health, and know-how to raise a future child. No one has the answers on day one and not even after birth. In fact, you never have the answers. You will continue to learn, seek out professional & family help while creating a family environment that is conducive to raising a newborn child. This is your best defense against being treated like a non-factor when it comes to birth decisions. Support, protect, and get help. Don’t face these questions alone, let us help you.

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