10 Reasons to be Pro-Life

ten reasons to be prolife tulsa oklahoma

“Why should I be pro-life?” 

If you are a pro-life supporter like us, then you might have been asked this question a few times.

You might find it difficult to answer, and defend your beliefs.

With that said, there are strong legal and philosophical arguments for the pro-life movement.

Here are ten reasons to be pro-life.

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10. Abortion Health Risks and Side Effects

While they are rare, there still are health risks that come with getting an abortion. If something goes wrong, bleeding or infection might occur.

There have been some instances of septic shock caused by abortion, too, which can be life-threatening. In some cases, abortions have had harmful psychological effects, such as depression.

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9. You can Be Both Feminist and Pro-Life

Sometimes people say it is impossible to be a feminist who is pro-life, but this simply is not true. Some of the earliest feminists were pro-life, and today, you can find a number of pro-life feminist groups.

These organizations believe in the main tenants of feminism, but also argue that abortion is yet another sign that women’s basic needs are not being met in society.

Pro-life feminists seek to end the root causes of abortions, and seek to provide practical support for women during pregnancy.

8. Abortion Removes Potential Contributors to Society

Celine Dion, Steve Jobs, and Pope John Paul II are a few names among the celebrities who were nearly aborted.

By deciding to abort a fetus, a potential person is robbed of a future where they could help improve society.

Every child has potential for greatness, and we lose in the end by removing potential contributors to society.

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7. Millennials are Pro-Life

Millennials are one of the most pro-life generations since the 1970s, so if you are Millennial and are supportive of the pro-life movement, you are in good company.

Millennial pro-lifers have done away with the old “fire and brimstone” rhetoric of previous generations, and instead try to provide love, support, and resources for pregnant women.

Furthermore, they use more than theology to justify their positions. With a number of secular humanists, agnostic, and atheistic arguments in favor of pro-life, they are welcoming to people who do not identify with any particular faith.

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6. There are Resources for Women

Pregnancy is, undoubtedly, a difficult time in any woman’s life, but there are resources for women which can provide alternatives to abortion.

We at GoLife will help you as much as we can during pregnancy.

From ultrasounds to adoption, GoLife will stay by your side every step of the way.

5. Abortion Rates Lower than Ever

As of 2017, abortion rates are at a historic low.

StateAbortion RateTotal AbortionsTotal BirthsAbortion ClinicsAbortion Ratio
New Hampshire9.222101211640.1543
New Jersey2848110101250410.3221
New Mexico11.746202376760.1628
New York26.31053802297371130.3145
North Carolina14.629500120125140.1972
North Dakota7.911601073710.0975
Rhode Island16.735001063820.2476
South Carolina5.351205702940.0824
South Dakota3.15001213410.0396
West Virginia4.414301867510.0711

With the higher availability of contraceptives and more information available on safe sex, there is less need for abortions.

If more people support pro-life, and support improvements of sex education, the rates can only continue to decrease.

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4. You Can be Proud to be Pregnant

While pride in pregnancy is something both pro-life and pro-choice supporters can agree on, there is undeniably a social stigma attached to pregnancy, especially for a single woman.

Societal pressures can make single women feel ashamed to be pregnant, or in some cases, even afraid of what others will do to them. This can drive people to getting an abortion to escape this stigma.

Pro-lifers, however, argue that women can be proud to be pregnant. Among the pro-life movement, there are people who will provide support and guidance to show there is no shame in pregnancy.

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3. Abortion is Against the Right to Life

The Declaration of Independence states that everyone has a right to “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The key word here is “life.” Abortion denies a potential person the right to life, and, therefore, is contrary to the vision for the United States set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

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2. The Majority of Women are Pro-Life

Recent studies show a majority of women in the United States (roughly 60%) are decidedly pro-life.

While pro-life is sometimes described as “anti-women,” these numbers would suggest otherwise.

If you are a woman, and are pro-life, you no longer need to feel stigmatized as “anti-women.”

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1. Abortion Does Not Fix the Issues Surrounding Unwanted Pregnancies

While the debate about abortion rages on, there is one fact which remains indisputable: abortion does nothing to address the problems leading to unwanted pregnancies.

While the United States is certainly improving in this area, a lack of proper sex education and access to contraceptives are two of the main factors behind unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion is a symptom of this problem, not a cure for it.

Members of the pro-life movement seek to address the issues which lead to unwanted pregnancy, and find ways to solve them.

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