5 Steps to Take to Prepare for Pregnancy

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You just found out you’re pregnant. There’s a million questions swirling about your head.

You don’t know if you should be overjoyed or afraid or some combination of the two. Like you, we want to ensure the life growing in your womb is healthy and strong, and maybe help relieve you of some stress.

Knowing how to proceed is a large step towards that

Here are five things to do when you learn that you are pregnant.

1. Stay Healthy During Early Pregnancy

If you want your child to be healthy, you might need to make some changes in your life.

Check things such as your BMI, and learn what the recommended caffeine intake during pregnancy is.

You might also want to get a transvaginal ultrasound if you experience pelvic pain during early pregnancy.

2. Calculate Your Baby’s Due Date

Going to a free mobile ultrasound is one quick way to determine gestational age, but you can calculate it yourself if you are so inclined. Take 40 weeks and add it to the first day of your previous menstrual period. Alternatively, there are online calculators dedicated to this, too, which are free and simple to use.

3. Contact a GP

Set up your first appointment with your general practitioner (GP). The appointment will probably occur within 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, however, in some instances, you can meet with a midwife immediately. You will still want to contact your GP to see if this is an option.

4. Learn About Early Pregnancy Symptoms

You are probably going to feel unwell for the first few weeks of pregnancy. We’ve all heard about morning sickness, but in addition you will also feel some fatigue and likely have sore breasts. If you suspect something is wrong, don’t hesitate to call a Tulsa doctor for more information. You want to ensure you and your child are healthy.

5. Learn About Lifestyle Changes to Prepare for Pregnancy

There are six main lifestyle changes you will need to make during pregnancy, including:

  • You’ll need to cut alcohol out of your diet, as it can cause problems with your unborn child’s development.
  • You will want to relax whenever you can, since pregnancy hormones can lead to feelings of fatigue and stress.
  • Research what you should eat during pregnancy, and try to not eat anything which contains high amounts of sodium, fats, or sugars.
  • Exercising is healthy for you and your unborn child, so try taking a walk every day.
  • Make sure you have the vitamins you need in your diet, and research which ones are most important during pregnancy.
  • Avoid smoking (if you smoke).

Make sure anything you research is reputable, and double check any facts you find.

Pregnancy, while often a joyous occasion, can be a trying time, but eliminating fear of the unknown can help alleviate your stress. If you want to affirm the life in your womb, contact a Tulsa ultrasound near you.

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