At Home hCG Blood Test

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While it might seem difficult, it is absolutely possible to detect a pregnancy early.

First, though, you will need to know the signs. Perhaps the most well-known sign is a missed period.

Other indicators could be anything from cramping to dizziness to morning sickness.

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stop pregnancy nausea tulsa

Pregnancy Symptoms

If you find yourself urinating frequently or suffering from constipation, these can also be signs of pregnancy. Furthermore, headaches, back pain, and fatigue can be indicators of a pregnancy.

Many of these ailments, however, can be caused by other factors, so using an hCG pregnancy test is the best way to confirm if these symptoms are actually resulting from pregnancy.

If you think you might be pregnant, the obvious next step is to verify the pregnancy, and to do this, you’ll need a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are designed to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone produced roughly a week after fertilization.

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As the pregnancy develops, the body produces more and more hCG.

Blood tests are more accurate than urine tests for detecting a pregnancy, and they can even verify your pregnancy earlier than a urine test.

In fact, they can verify your pregnancy as quickly as six days after ovulation.

While most hCG blood tests will need to be performed at a doctor’s office, it is possible to do one from home.

Who Should Take a Pregnancy Blood Test?

If you have reason to believe you are pregnant, or if you are experiencing some symptoms which could indicate you are pregnant, you should take the hCG blood test. If you have been working to become pregnant, be sure to take this test, since it can accurately detect a pregnancy earlier than other tests.

Why Take the hCG Blood Test?

The earlier you find out about your pregnancy, the more time you will have to prepare for the child.

When Should I Take the hCG Blood Test?

Once you experience one of the signs of pregnancy, especially after missing a period. Since this particular test can track some health complications, it is prudent to take another of these tests during pregnancy, too.


Fortunately, there is no preparation required to take the hCG test. Its readings are accurate enough to where nothing should interfere with it.

hCG Blood Test Procedure

The procedure depends on how you choose to take the test. A proper hCG blood test will need to be performed at a doctor’s office, where they can examine the blood.

While it will take longer to get results back for it than from a urine test, it will still give you results earlier than a home test can.

How to Perform a Home Blood Pregnancy Test

how do pregnancy tests work

There is a way to perform a blood test at home, but it cannot be performed as early as a proper one from a doctor’s office. With certain home pregnancy tests, blood can work instead of using urine.

One of the greatest benefits of using blood instead of urine for this test is the accuracy. Blood is far less likely to result in false readings, unlike urine.

If your tests came back positive, and you are pregnant, contact a free Tulsa ultrasound near you for further guidance.

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