Free Medical Clinics: Tulsa

free medical clinics tulsa

Good Samaritan Health Services

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Like us, Good Samaritan Health Services in Tulsa are a faith-based organization dedicated to helping their community.

They are entirely funded through grants and donations, and are completely free to use.

This free health service provides monthly women’s health screenings, which are useful for catching cervical cancer and various other women’s health problems.

While we at GoLife provide free ultrasounds for Tulsa, we understand that sometimes more services or second opinions are needed. Therefore, we want to inform you of free medical clinics in the Tulsa area. The services range from ultrasounds to general women’s health screenings, but all are free of charge.

Whether you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, have had an unexpected pregnancy, or are just in need of a health screening, there are options available for you no matter what your financial situation is.

Hope Pregnancy Center

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Hope Pregnancy Center in Tulsa has a variety of free services which can help pregnant women.

They are a group which understands how difficult unexpected pregnancies can be for you, and want to provide support, education, and confidential services to pregnant mothers.

Taking both appointments and walk-ins, Hope Pregnancy Center is there for the women of Tulsa.

Even if you are from outside of Tulsa, Hope Pregnancy Center has four other locations around Oklahoma.

Some of their services include:

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Free Pregnancy Tests

If you believe you might be pregnant, but just aren’t sure, Hope Pregnancy Center would be happy to provide you with a free pregnancy test. Your results will not be shared with anyone, and is available to all women of all ages, free of charge. Just knowing whether or not you are pregnant can help your situation, because from there, you can begin making preparations.

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Free Ultrasounds

Like GoLife, Hope Pregnancy Center can provide you with a free ultrasound to verify your pregnancy.

If you haven’t read any of our information on what an ultrasound is, or what it entails, we recommend you go and read them. In short, though, an ultrasound is a procedure where sound waves are sent through your body to produce an image of the unborn child. It is completely safe, and can give you an idea of what your child looks like in the womb.

Furthermore, an ultrasound can find any potential defects your child might have, or if the pregnancy will miscarry.

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Free Pregnancy Option Education

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, you will probably have many questions about what to do with the child. Hope Pregnancy Center provides pregnancy option education to help you make an informed decision of what to do based on your circumstances.

Like us, they do not provide or refer for any abortion services.

They do, however, still wish to educate mothers on this matter. While our goal is not to change your personal beliefs, we do urge you look into other options, such as adoption. Hope Pregnancy Center will gladly educate you on it.

Tulsa has many options. Have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.

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