How to Read an Ultrasound Picture

When you first see an ultrasound image, or sonogram, it’s undoubtedly difficult understand what exactly you’re seeing. This can be frustrating, especially since you want to see what your child looks like. Is my unborn baby healthy? Is it a boy or girl? Since an ultrasound affirms the presence of life in the womb, we believe it’s important that people know what they’re seeing on the ultrasound screen. The following is a guide to understanding how to read an ultrasound image.

Black and White Ultrasound

Local ResourcesUltrasounds are non-invasive procedures, and provide immediate results for you. Using high-frequency sound waves, the ultrasound machine generates an image of your unborn child. It doesn’t work like an X-Ray, so it doesn’t allow you to see through obstructions such as bones. It works more akin to sonar. In order to read the sonogram, you need to understand how the different parts of your anatomy conduct to the sound waves. Find: Local Carpet Cleaning Company>>

Different tissues react differently to sound. For example, some of your body tissues will reflect sound waves, while other tissues absorb them. The main factor which decides how long it will take for an echo to return is the tissue’s density. With that said, the easiest way to tell what you’re looking at is by the color. With a black and white ultrasound, fluids will appear black, tissue will gray, and bone will be white. Denser tissues will appear as a lighter shade of gray proportional to the tissue’s density.

What Does My Womb Look Like in an Ultrasound?

Your womb will look like a gray line, and the amniotic fluid inside will appear black.

As you can see, reading an ultrasound picture is easy once you know what you’re looking for.

What Does My Baby Look Like on Ultrasound?

UltrasoundYour baby will appear gray and white, floating in the amniotic fluid. Initially, the baby won’t move around much, but this is perfectly normal. When it does star moving, however, you’ll have a better view of its body parts. Tulsa ultrasound technicians are skilled and experience enough to where they can usually get a precise image of the unborn baby.

When Can You Tell the Gender of Your Baby by Ultrasound?

Understandably, it’s exciting to know the sex of your future child, but can an ultrasound detect gender? Yes, it can. However, this can only be performed between the 16th and 20th week of pregnancy. Early in the pregnancy, male and female unborn children look nearly identical. Even at 14 weeks, telling them apart proves difficult. 18 weeks is when the sonographer can identify the baby’s sex.


We hope this helps you understand how to read an ultrasound image, but if you still have trouble understanding the image, don’t worry. As you look at more sonograms, you will be able to decipher them easier.


If you want to have a free mobile ultrasound, whether for health reasons or just to see your child, we recommend stopping by a Tulsa ultrasound near you.