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While pregnancy can be a beautiful time in your life, there is no doubt it can be difficult.

With so many questions and unknowns which come with it; maybe you did not even plan on becoming pregnant. In any case, an ultrasound can help answer some of your questions you have about your unborn child.

Our goal is to provide free mobile locations for ultrasounds to help eliminate some of the stress of pregnancy.

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What is An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure where a trained sonographer sends high-frequency sound waves through your body. The most common way this is done is by placing the equipment on the mother’s abdomen.

A transvaginal ultrasound can be performed instead, where a TV probe is used instead. Both will give you an image of the baby, but the transvaginal ultrasound tends to create a clearer image.

Moreover, it can determine if there are any problems with the cervix. The ultrasounds we perform are strictly to identify life and the beauty that goes along with that.

The sound it emits will bounce off objects (the unborn child) and create an image which will be projected on a screen. Think of it like sonar.

Often this will generate low amounts of heat, but they are nothing to be concerned about, as it is dispersed over a large area of your body.

After the scan is performed, the medical staff will go over the results with you.

Why Get an Ultrasound?

Depending on the stage of pregnancy you are in, an ultrasound can tell you your child’s health, sex, and determine risk of premature birth.

If the child suffers from any abnormalities, the ultrasound can provide an early warning to the parents. Furthermore, an ultrasound can inform the sonographer of the mother’s health, too.

In cases where the mother wants to know how developed the child is, the ultrasound can provide information on gestational age.

Ultrasound Side Effects

Through many studies, researchers have determined ultrasounds will have no effects on the child.

The heat generated by the machinery is low-intensity, and will not cause harm to the fetus, or the mother. There is no radiation involved in an ultrasound, either, only sound waves.

The sonographers are trained to use the equipment correctly and safely, so you have nothing to worry about.

Ultrasound Near Me

Finding an ultrasound clinic near you can be time-consuming, and preparing for a new child takes enough time already.

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Our mobile locations are free to use, and you do not need to schedule an appointment. All of our locations will take walk-ins.

We hope the convenience of our mobile ultrasounds will encourage mothers to take the time to undergo an ultrasound scan.

We want to provide support, and give you the resources you need to get you through pregnancy.

Why a Mobile Ultrasound?

Besides providing support for expecting mothers, we want to reach as many women as possible with this procedure. An ultrasound scan will help affirm there is life in the womb.

Our hope is not only let women know there are alternatives to abortion, we want to help lead them to these resources.

Is a Mobile Ultrasound Limited?

While a mobile ultrasound is limited, it will still provide you with the information you need about your pregnancy.

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