what is prochoice tulsa oklahoma

The pro-choice movement is a political movement and part of the ongoing abortion debate.

While it is largely supported by the Democratic Party, there are other political affiliations associated with this political ideology.

Due to the political and religious diversity among proponents of this movement, there are different takes on it depending on the person, which leaves one question.

What is the pro-choice movement?

what is meant by prochoice tulsa ok

Pro-Choice Beliefs

Before the 19th century, abortion was handled at a state level, and was largely legal. Due to the severe health risks it posed, however, states began to ban the practice.

After this, however, there was an increase in back-alley procedures which led to a high maternal mortality rate. This led people to begin supporting abortion once more, and in the 1960s, there was a large push for it.

Then, in 1973, the Roe v. Wade court case concluded abortions were protected under the 14th Amendment. Over time, however, different variations of the pro-life ideology have formed.

Shared Pro-Choice Beliefs

Supporters of pro-choice believe women have the legal right to terminate a pregnancy.

They argue it is government overreach to restrict it, since Roe v. Wade found abortion to be constitutional. Proponents of this ideology argue a fetus is not a person, and personhood is not obtained until after they are able to survive outside the womb.

Often, the pro-choice movement does not consider itself “pro-abortion” as much as pro-bodily autonomy.

Variations of Pro-Choice Beliefs

While the vast majority of pro-choice advocates hold these main tenants, due to the ethical complexities of abortions, some believe in different variations.

For example, some pro-choice supporters argue there should be some restrictions to prevent people from aborting for discriminatory reasons. In this case, they are against aborting a fetus based on its race, sex, or disabilities.

Others are what is sometimes called “personally pro-life, politically pro-choice.”

They believe abortion is immoral, but believe it should be legal because otherwise women will just use dangerous back-alley treatments. They would rather people go to a place with proper medical supervision. Some pro-choice advocates believe abortion is justified in instances when the parent would not be able to properly provide for the child, while others believe abortion should only be a last resort. 

Come in today and receive an ultrasound for free. We aren’t trying to persuade you to believe one way or another, we just want you to be informed to make a better decision. It is our greatest hope you keep your pregnancy, but, as Americans, we also value the freedom of choice.

Where we do believe abortion is morally wrong, we understand the debate may have different implications for different religious and belief systems.

Our sole goal is to be a resource to expectant mothers, to allow them the ability to see pregnancy for what it is. Life.

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