Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice

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Perhaps one of the most hot-button issues in the United States right now is the debate over abortion.

The abortion debate crosses theological and political boundaries alike, with people on all sides with their own opinions on the issue.

While there are many positions to take with sometimes only nuanced differences, the two main ideological camps are “pro-life” and “pro-choice.”

Our aim is for you to understand the thoughts and ideas behind the pro-choice and pro-life movements.

Views of Abortion

  • Should the United States ban abortions, or are they perfectly legal?
  • Are abortions government overreach, or is it ensuring bodily autonomy? Is a fetus a legal person, or is it little more than a cluster of cells?
  • Which is more important, the fetus or the mother?

These are questions which surround the topic of abortion. While Roe v. Wade (1973) determined abortion to be a right, debate continues on whether this is a good ruling.

Each side has different answers to all of these questions. 


The pro-life views of abortion ultimately argue that legal personhood begins at fertilization, and, therefore, abortion is legally and morally wrong.

There are legal justifications for this view, such as those in the Federal Unborn Victim’s Violence Act of 2004. It recognizes unborn children as people and considers abortion as an act of violence against them.

Additionally, if a fetus is a person, they are protected by the 14th Amendment, which states that people should not be deprived of “…life, liberty, or property…” unless it is through due process.

In this case, abortion could be seen as government overreach, and a violation of the constitution. Moreover, pro-life supporters claim aborting a fetus based on physical abnormalities, or as it is better known eugenics, is overt discrimination.


The pro-choice movement argues that abortion is a right, and that the government would be overstepping its bounds were it to restrict women’s access of it.

From a legal standpoint, Roe v. Wade found abortion to be a constitutional by way of the 14th Amendment, and, consequently, legally justifiable.

Additionally, pro-choice supporters argue that abortion is a women’s reproductive right, since they must carry the fetus, it should be on their terms of whether they abort their child or not. Intercession by the government would be both unconstitutional, and overstepping its bounds.

In this same vein, they claim an unborn child is not legally a person until birth, as it is otherwise dependent on its mother to survive. We don’t hope to overstep our reach into our patients lives to decide for them there beliefs, we just want to offer an opportunity to see the fetus and make a more informed decision.

Clearly we hope all of our patients keep their baby and/or allow for the adoption of said child. It is our mission to be that voice, through ultrasound, to the mother. Our hope is to see less abortion each year and better decision-making among expecting mothers.

Pro-Life Groups

Pro-life groups include:

  • The Republican Party
  • The Pro-Life Action League
  • The Family Council
  • The Christian Coalition of America
  • Roman Catholic Church

The above list is just a few of the most well-known pro-life groups.

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