What to Expect at Your First Ultrasound

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An ultrasound in the first trimester of a pregnancy can be very beneficial.

Although the baby’s gender cannot be identified, you should be able to see the baby on the screen.

Often, the heartbeat can be detected.

Your first ultrasound can be an exciting moment. Here’s what to expect.

Emotions Run High

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Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions and hormones.

Going into the ultrasound, you are probably worried about dozens of things.

  • You may be worried about whether or not you’re really pregnant.
  • Maybe you’re worried about telling your parents or the baby’s father.
  • You could be worried that the baby is okay.

This first ultrasound will provide a lot of information about your pregnancy. It can help calm some of the mind games but get used to the emotional ride.

You Get Validation

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Even though you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, you may still have a small voice inside your head telling you that maybe, just maybe, it’s all a dream.

When you see the baby on the screen at your ultrasound, it’s visual proof that you are, in fact, pregnant.

You can’t ignore what’s in front of you.

You Get a Due Date

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The first ultrasound is called the dating ultrasound because the gestational age of the baby can be confirmed.

You get a potential due date.

Keep in mind that your baby will not necessarily come on that date, but it does give you a closer estimate than just using the date of your last menstrual cycle.

You’ll Know How Many Babies

Although twins only account for about 3 percent of the births in the United States, many moms get a surprise when they see that they’re carrying two babies.

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At your first ultrasound you can be sure that there’s only one or get the news that you’re doing double duty. If twins run in your family, having this information can really help you plan for your post-pregnancy.

You Know the Location of Your Baby

This ultrasound checks to make sure the baby is developing properly in your uterus. If the egg implanted itself outside the uterus, it can cause complications.

The location of your baby is an important aspect at each ultrasound you receive, but more so at this appointment.

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You Get Assurance

Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby gives you confidence that your pregnancy is moving along normally. You can begin to imagine what it will be like when your baby is born. You can make plans to take care of yourself through your pregnancy and make plans for the birth. Your first ultrasound helps you bond with the baby.

You’ll Forget To Ask Something

You’ll be able to ask questions at your ultrasound. You may even make a list of things you want to know.

Don’t be surprised if you forget.

This is often referred to as “mom brain.”

There’s no need to worry about being forgetful in the amazement of seeing life growing inside you. Many of your questions can be answered online at some of the top mommy forums until you have another appointment with your doctor.

You can even fill out the form below, and we’ll try to answer them as best we can.