Do you or someone you know regret taking the abortion pill?
It may not be too late to save the pregnancy.

Are you considering an abortion?

Why see us first? 

Some pregnancies are not viable, meaning they do not progress correctly and will end in a natural miscarriage.  Some pregnancies are ectopic and need medical attention.  A free ultrasound at our clinic can help determine this.  If your pregnancy is not viable, you will not need to pay for an abortion.  And since all of our services are FREE, you will not need to pay for anything! 

If you are considering abortion due to a medical condition, we can provide a second opinion from an OB/GYN doctor at no cost to you.  You owe it to yourself to get a second opinion.

Also, if your pregnancy is viable, we can give you critical abortion information you need to make your decision.  During your abortion counseling appointment, you will receive:

  • a free pregnancy test and pregnancy confirmation
  • a free ultrasound (if your pregnancy test is positive)

A caring and knowledgeable case specialist will explain medically accurate facts about:

  • abortion risks
  • surgical abortion 
  • abortion pill 
  • abortion alternatives
  • your pregnancy progression, plus available resources and support

 We can help you explore all of your options in a calm, non-judgmental setting. 

We are a non-profit clinic, and we do not perform or refer for abortions; therefore, our focus is on your physical and emotional well-being.  We understand your concerns and fears.

Knowing the facts first now can enable you to make an informed decision that is best for you.  

Talk with one of our caring and experienced case specialists and be empowered to choose the right plan and path for your future.

 All visits are strictly confidential.